Phoenix Mall Fall hair accessories Bride hair piece Wedding headband Dainty b Online Purchase

Fall hair accessories Bride hair piece Wedding headband Dainty b
Fall hair accessories Bride hair piece Wedding headband Dainty b

This gorgeous hair accessories is perfect for you - If you looking for wedding hair piece.
I made this bride hair piece inspired traditions of classical wedding with fairy tail touch: clear and silver color from first and extra shining crystal from second.

Please make sure that you have enough time in order for your order to arrive
Standard shipping in USA is about 10-30 business days
UPS shipping in USA is about 3-5 business days and 20 dollars cost
DHL express shipping in USA 2-3 business days and 57 dollars cost
PLUS 1-3 business days processing days!

And what a super important for modern bride: you can order ANY COLOR OF CRYSTAL, what make your wedding hair piece more personalized. And you wedding look more stylish.

Bridesmaids wreath or wedding headband, bridal shower crown or flower girl wreath - it#39;s all about this hair accessory.

Bridal hair piece you can worn like tiara or hair vine, because it can be extra long hair vine.

Be sure, you will worn this sparkle hair piece many many times in your happy life)

- Hair vine is 17.7quot; in length, you can order from 5,91#39;#39; to 78.7#39;#39; (15 cm to 200 cm, like extra long vine) please choose in options
- size of beads is 4 and 6 mm

It is available in silver, rose gold or gold wire and silver and crystal clear color of beads, please, choose style in options. If you want mix of color, please, feel free to convo us with any questions.

This headpiece is designed by ukrainian designer Yara Kosenko, owner of TiarabyYara.

You will receive your headpiece in a beautiful gift box.

With pleasure I create for you a matching bracelet, earrings or close-to-bride-style accessories for your beautiful bridesmaids.

N.B.: Each of these work of TiarabyYara is hand made. I explicitly point out that are mapped to my article product images pattern by which I make my products by hand. This may lead to slight deviations.

- Processing: 2-3 days

- Delivery terms in most cases are (business days):

USA – 7-30 days

Canada – 20-45 days

Europe (excluding Germany, including UK) – 7-30 days

Germany – 20-30 days

Australia – 20-30 days.

Thank you for your choice! Enjoy)

See our complete collection at:


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Phoenix Mall Fall hair accessories Bride hair piece Wedding headband Dainty b Online Purchase

leading global athletic footwear and apparel retailer. Weddings\ => Jewelry\ => Bracelets USA Cheap Wholesale Phoenix Mall Fall hair accessories Bride hair piece Wedding headband Dainty b Online Purchase Filigree Blue centre stone silver bracelet. Fall hair accessories Bride hair piece Wedding headband Dainty b Silver filigree bracelet with blue centre stone.The bracelet has a good working spring claspWeight : 8.4 grLength :18.5 cmWidth : 1.7 cmHallmarked : Sword: silver mark before 1953Makers mark : WPGood vintage condition

Phoenix Mall Fall hair accessories Bride hair piece Wedding headband Dainty b Online Purchase

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Phoenix Mall Fall hair accessories Bride hair piece Wedding headband Dainty b Online Purchase

we promise to: source only the best consumer goods and ensure the highest quality possible.streamline the buying and payment process making it as easy as you discover products and manufacturers in china. deliver goods to our customers all over the world with speed and precision.provide 24 hour customer support on weekdays. Phoenix Mall Fall hair accessories Bride hair piece Wedding headband Dainty b Online Purchase ? Rare vintage batik from the early 1950#39;s. Every single detail, dot and line on this one of a kind masterpiece was hand drawn on a finely woven 100% cotton fabric.“Batik tulis” in short is a drawing/painting/ a form of writing using hot melted wax on cotton cloth using a tool called canting which then repeatedly dyed in a lengthy process called wax resist dyeing. In the past, “batik tulis” was mostly reserved for the royal families and the nobility, but the beauty of hand drawn batik or batik tulis can now more easily enjoyed by everyone.?This batik sarong was made by one of the peranakan batik artisan Nyoo Tan Bow from Kedungwuni.? Overall condition is good but with several lentil and bean sized holes. Please refer to the last 3 pictures.? In the form of sarong, already sewn into tubular form.Approximate measurement : 40 inhes (h) x 38 inches(w), measured as already sewn tubular sarong, which means that the real width of the fabric is actually 76 inches.? This item will be shipped from Indonesia .???SHIPPING INFORMATION????I try to describe the item as accurately as possible with the best of my availability, but color variations may occur due to screen and setting variations. Due to its hand drawn nature, Batik Tulis will never have the “perfection” that is expected from a printed fabric. Please be aware of this before purchasing. Just like any other form of painting, their exquisite beauty is “perfectly imperfect”.?If you have any questions please email me and I would be happy to help you with more information about this fabric.?Any custom fees and tax are the responsibility of the buyer. When you purchase this item you are agreeing to pay any custom fee, tax and any fees associated with it, including but not limited to return shipping to the seller if buyer refuse to pay any custom fees or taxes. Return is not allowed and refund will not be issued in the case where buyer refuse to pay any custom fees, taxes or any fee associated with the purchase of this item.??????????To only give you the description of the physical characteristics of this batik would be such a disservice to you as a buyer, and will not do justice to this rare one of a kind antique. Therefore, do come to your favorite reading spot, take your favorite drink and snack with you, and lets immerse ourselves in the history and story of this particular batik.??(Feel free to skip if you are a seasoned batik collector who already hear about this hundreds of time. Any information pertaining the condition and description of the batik listed are already covered above). ????HISTORY AND THE PROCESS OF BATIK MAKING??The word “Batik” was derived from Javanese word “Amba”, which means wide, and “ Nitik”, which means dot. The literal translation of it is therefore “writing or to write on a wide fabric”. To appreciate batik tulis fully, one must understand the intricate process, skills and and the time involved in the process of creating batik tulis. Batik is made in a process called wax resist dyeing with a tool called “Canting”. Canting is a tool that is made of Copper with bamboo handle and works much like fountain pen, albeit dispensing hot liquid wax instead of ink. The main part of Canting called “Nyamplungan”, which works as the reservoir for the hot melted wax. The “Cucuk” part of the Canting that is shaped like a thin bent pipe, channels the wax from the reservoir onto the fabric.The whole batik making process involves multiple steps, and depending on the intricacy of the motif, it may take batik artisans several months or even years to create a batik tulis. Batik artisans meticulously draw every single dot, line, curve on that batik by hand, one by one. Not surprisingly, because of the intricacy and the time needed to create batik tulis, some of them can be priced in the range of tens of thousands of dollars. Batik was also lauded by the UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2009.One piece of batik is a hard work from multiple people with multiple roles.The process begins with these artisans drawing the batik pattern onto the white fabric. The batik artisans then apply hot wax mixture onto the fabric to create the outline of the motif of the batik, onto both sides of the fabric. The wax on the fabric will keep dye from penetrating the fabric, hence this area of fabric that is covered with wax, will resist subsequent dyeing process. The wax formulation can significantly affects the quality of the batik, hence it often time is a closely guarded family secret. Everyone knows the list of ingredients that goes into the wax mixture, but only the best artisans knows the perfect ratios to create the best batiks that are uniquely theirs. The same can be said in regard to the dyes. Long time ago, batik was created with only natural dyes. But with the advance of technology, man made dyes are also sometimes used to create more variety of colors. Even when factory made dyes are used, the resulting colors will be affected by so many factors such as ( but not limited to) humidity and temperature. It is even more challenging to create the perfect shade of colors when natural dyes are used. Only the most experienced artisans know how to produce the exact colors that they are aiming for on their original design. Batiks are dyed by immersing them in dye solution. After the first dyeing process, wax will be removed from the fabric and wax will be reapplied again in the areas that need to be resistant to the dye used in the next dyeing process. Depending on how many different colors used for that fabric, the batik fabric could be dyed multiple times, hence the same areas of a batik fabric most likely will be waxed several times as well throughout the course of batik making process.Because of the intricacy of the batik making process, a piece of batik tulis is a one of a kind piece of art that is almost impossible to be reproduced, even when the same batik artisan intends to create an exact copy of a batik that she or he has created before. Batik tulis is therefore highly prized and sought after. With the increasing demand and the advance of technology, another different process of batik making was introduced. “Batik Cap” (literally means stamp batik), is produces when the wax is instead applied using metal stamp/printing blocks, which can significantly reduce the time needed to finish the batik making process. With the advance of batik cap, “batik” is now can be produced in larger quantities within shorter period of time, resulting in batik becoming more affordable for more people. For batik purist though, and etymologically speaking, “ batik cap” is no longer considered batik. Although there are some instances where both process of stamping and also drawing with canting are used to create a batik. A more widely accepted view of the authenticity of batik considers something as a batik if wax is involved in the creation process. Therefore any batiks made with hand stamping (Batik Cap), and ones created with the combination of hand drawing and hand stamping are also considered authentic Batik. Because of the lengthy process of batik making, sustainability and affordability have always been an issue. To solve this problems, some batik artisans invented batik screen printing, which is different than machine printing. Batik screen printing is an innovative way of creating a more affordable batik while retaining the human hand work elements in the equation, thus retaining some of its traditional elements of this ancient art. If you would like to know more about screen printed batik, please do check our other listings of screen printed batiks. We discuss in more detail the process that is taken to create screen printed batik in the description of those listings. In short, screen printed batiks have the motif that looks like batik, but they are not batik in its truest sense. They are of course priced significantly lower than Batik Tulis and definitely is not one of a kind. But they are also beautiful and much more affordable, hence enable more people to enjoy the beauty of batik motif. But do make sure that you do not pay the premium price of a batik tulis for a screen printed batik. ????HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR BATIK?????Hand washing is always the best and safest method for washing Batik. Please avoid machine washing your batik. ?Use only mild detergent specially formulated for batik, but for the best result use soap nuts or “Lerak” that have been traditionally used for hundreds of years to wash batik and have been proven to better preserve its color. When none of those are available, use gentle shampoo instead.?Never scrub the batik. Soak the batik for about 10-20 minutes and gently agitate the water with your hands. Rinse well by running cool water through the item until the water is no longer soapy. Do not wring. Instead, press the water out of the item. If there is color in the water, don’t worry! It’s normal, especially during the first few washes, therefore it is always a good practice to wash the batik separately. ?Air dry your batik away from direct sunlight.???SO HOW CAN WE DIFFERENTIATE AUTHENTIC BATIK FROM BATIK PRINTED FABRIC????? The first clue is usually the color of the reverse side of the fabric. Authentic Batik will have bold colors and some motif on both front and reverse sides. Sometimes the intricate motif will be slightly muted on the reverse side of the fabric compared to the front side, but only ever so slightly. This sometimes also apply to Hand Stamp Batik as well. Some Batik Tulis (hand drawn batik) will have bold color and motif on both sides as a result of “ Nerusi” process done during the creation of hand drawn batik. “Nerusi” literally means “ to continue, to make it continue or to make it go through”. It is a process where wax was applied on the reverse side of the fabric, as a continuation of the wax application process on the front, to make sure that the wax go all the way through both sides of the fabric, hence resulting in bold color and motif on both sides.? New authentic batik also has a distinctive wax smell. With wax continuously applied and reapplied throughout the lengthy process of batik making, the smell of wax does usually stay with the fabric, but will subside after several washes. This of course doesn’t apply to used antique batik, since they would have lost their wax smell after being washed several time.? There will be slight deviations on the motif or “imperfections” because of its hand drawn nature. This probably is the main clue. You will be able to tell that the size of the lines are not consistent and identical because of the difference in pressures applied by human hands that applied the wax manually. You might also see some small smudge lines where the wax layer might have cracked during the making of the batik, or missing color because wax has accidentally dripped on some areas. ? As a rule of thumbs, if you see many fabrics with the same motifs that looks exactly the same, that is a good indication that they are mass produced, therefore not usually authentic hand drawn or stamped batiks. Due to the lengthy process and intricacy of batik making, batik will never be able to be mass produced. ? Lastly, please do make sure that you purchase your batik from a trusted seller. By buying an authentic hand drawn batik, you are supporting the batik artisans and help preserve this precious ancient art.Thank you and happy shopping! UK Shop Cheapest 1950 Vintage Peranakan Indonesian Batik Javanese Dutch Kedungw Gorgeous! Everything I had hoped they would be. I ordered 3. Arrived quickly, lovely designs, generous size. Worth every penny! AND a had written note was received with them. It feels like I received an elaborate present from a dear friend. I will order again!Gorgeous! Everything I had hoped they would be. I ordered 3. Arrived quickly, lovely designs, generous size. Worth every penny! AND a had written note was received with them. It feels like I received an elaborate present from a dear friend. I will order again!Gorgeous! Everything I had hoped they would be. I ordered 3. Arrived quickly, lovely designs, generous size. Worth every penny! AND a had written note was received with them. It feels like I received an elaborate present from a dear friend. I will order again!So happy with my purchase! Being Indonesian I have some batik pieces but I’d never seen a print like this before and I’m so happy I bought it. Delivery was surprisingly fast especially considering it was coming all the way from the US to the UK Fall hair accessories Bride hair piece Wedding headband Dainty b Craft Supplies Tools\ => Fabric Notions\ => Fabric

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Phoenix Mall Fall hair accessories Bride hair piece Wedding headband Dainty b Online Purchase