Cheapest Hot Sales Wholesale Ready to fly: The Rainforest ZERO (M), Botanical Sculpture, a Pr Max 80% OFF

Ready to fly: The Rainforest ZERO (M), Botanical Sculpture, a Pr
Ready to fly: The Rainforest ZERO (M), Botanical Sculpture, a Pr


? ? Pack ship from TerraLiving Gallery within 1 - 3 working days. (Saturday Sunday are not counted)

? About 3 - 5 working days to arrive at your door-step unless there are unexpected events or delays not within our control.

? Final weeks of 2021. We ship as usual every weekdays. However, kindly take note that order may arrive AFTER Christmas.

? We have invested in new packaging architecture for safe arrival guarantee peace of mind.

? Photos serve as a reference of what you can expect from us and design is slightly randomized based on our skills cultivated over the years.

2021 Limited Edition (LE) release with hand-painted smooth and premium lacquer coated wooden base is now available.

? What’s in the package:

i) The Rainforest ZERO (Tree Moss Forest Edition), RFT - XX.

ii) A piece of grey rock pre-transplanted into the moss.

*Gently remove the packaging to prevent moss from dislocating.

? Moss species: 3 X Tree Moss ZERO (Climacium japonicum), Pincushion Moss ZERO (Leucobryum glaucum), and other randomly selected rare moss species (A total of at least 5 moss species is guaranteed)

? • • • About ZERO Preserved Moss • • •

? Our ZERO Mosses (100% real moss) were cultivated in the greenhouse till their peak health, then sent into our lab for freeze-drying and preservation.

? They look fresh, soft to touch, and lively for MANY YEARS but biologically inactive. Technically, they are NON-LIVING and WON’T PRODUCE FOG.

? This is how scientist store plants in herbarium or “plant museums” for decade. We modified the method with our proprietary technology so that the moss look refreshing for our art pieces, the moment where science meets art =)

? ZERO Moss in our official work you see is designed for sculptural and display grade. NO MAINTENANCE is needed except for general wiping for a better view.

✋ Maintenance:

ZERO Moss colour is the reflection of its original form.

NEVER expose ZERO Moss to direct sunlight and NEVER spray water. Keep them in cool dry place.

Keep indoor closed at all times, unless you#39;re opening it for viewing.

? Size:

Bell jar size: 120mm diameter X 160mm height
Black painted wooden base: 150mm diameter
Total height: 180mm

⚗️ Glass thickness: 3mm

? Glass door: No. Full removable cloche jar for easy access to the inner chamber.

? TerraLight [Add-on] - Display lamp (Bright, cool white ambiance light):

i) LED main metal body: (Maximum Height = ~350mm), with handcrafted diffuser and custom made lamp shade.

ii) Custom hand-crafted and sanded rubber wood plate (Size = 180mm x 180mm)

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Terms and conditions:

? Please message us your phone number as it is strictly required by our logistic partners for shipping waybill generation.

? Strictly no refund cancellation once we start shipping your order.


? We ship our terrariums every day and we pack the glassware professionally and securely with thick, custom fitted carton boxes. (More than 3,500 orders shipped internationally)

✈️ We ship as fast as we can. However, extremely rare shipping delays due to unexpected events such as customs hold-up, or force majeure (natural disasters) are not within our field of control.

? 100% safe arrival guarantee. In the event that they arrive cracked / broken / with defect, please INFORM US WITHIN 48 HOURS based on the delivered time stated in the tracking status.

We will assess the matter swiftly and consider the next, best course of action.

? Kindly take note that this is 100% handmade glass work moss in TerraLiving and it’s not possible for every piece to be 100% same, perfect and flawless.

?Minor, non-life-threatening scratches or accidental finger prints on the glass may exist.

Inconsistencies not visible from viewing distance of 30cm or about 1 ft are not considered defects.

Because we made everything with our own HANDS, NOT MACHINE.

? Left over moss fragments, leaves, other preserved natural organic matters may be randomly distributed because these are all 100% real NATURAL MATERIALS.

? We use moss adhesive to hold them in position. There may be remnants of them around the moss / glass but these are not considered defects.

? If you are a perfectionist who expects 100% perfect design, sorry, but it does not exist in our artwork. Feel free to ask us to cancel and refund your order.

? Photos taken under yellow display light / natural light (background) TerraLight, white display light (on moss) with Mirrorless Camera. Expect some colour differences from what you see on screen and the real thing.

P.S. Seriously, we put all our efforts and time into making these, and to date, we received hundreds of customers feedback and positive reviews. Hopefully you can give us a chance to serve you with our art =)

• • • Regarding tax duties • • •

While we absorb a large portion of shipping handling fees,

???? If you are from EU and UK region, there is an import duty / tariff imposed by your region#39;s customs starting from 1st July 2021.

Reference: Etsy#39;s statement policy regarding import duty:


Scan science and technology

Cheapest Hot Sales Wholesale Ready to fly: The Rainforest ZERO (M), Botanical Sculpture, a Pr Max 80% OFF

Cheapest Hot Sales Wholesale Ready to fly: The Rainforest ZERO (M), Botanical Sculpture, a Pr Max 80% OFF Shop Discount Sale These magical, handmade glass wind chimes look fabulous and make a gentle tinkling noise as they move in the breeze. Completely hand carved by talented artisans on the island of Bali using recycled glass and locally sourced bamboo they are also 100% Fair Trade.Height 40cm width 26cm Height 15.74quot; width 10.23quot;Made from frosted glass, cord and wood, shades of autumn colours.Perfect for indoor or outdoor use for brightening long winter days on a balcony or undercover patio. If using outdoors we recommend bringing in during winter months to prolong the life of your chime.To views all our glass wind chimes please click this link Trade is a simple way to make a difference to the lives of the people who make the products we sell. All prices are agreed directly with the producers and are reviewed on an ongoing basis, taking into account fluctuations in the cost of raw materials and local economic conditions. All of our products are handmade and hand-painted by our artisans. We are also very committed to good environmental practice. We are aware that our actions now have a direct impact on future generations and so we continuously strive to ensure we are doing all we can to be environmentally sound.The majority of our products are made using Albesia and Jempinis wood. Both species grow fast and can be ready for use in small carvings in around four years. Many of our suppliers use wood grown on their own land.Wherever possible, we try to ship as many of our orders using just recycled cardboard packaging. The air-fill we use for our fragile items is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly too. Glass Wind Chime Autumn Fall Colours Leaves Wind Chime Garden Ar Ready to fly: The Rainforest ZERO (M), Botanical Sculpture, a Pr I absolutely love this in my garden. My 8 month old loves looking at it and hearing it blowing about on the tree in our garden. Would purchase more if I had a bigger garden!!!Brilliant. Hung it in the conservatory window Beautiful.Seller was incredibly responsive and the delivery arrived in Australia so fast. I'm in love, I could sit, stare, and listen all day.Absolutely gorgeous. Bought for a friend’s birthday and she really loves it. Arrived well packed and in perfect condition. Very speedy too! through the entire pre-sales to after-sales service shopping journey, we understand the needs of our customers and strive to provide them with comprehensive new technology solutions to take care of all their smart living needs. Home Living\ => Outdoor Gardening\ => Garden Decoration\ => Wind Chimes

Cheapest Hot Sales Wholesale Ready to fly: The Rainforest ZERO (M), Botanical Sculpture, a Pr Max 80% OFF

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Cheapest Hot Sales Wholesale Ready to fly: The Rainforest ZERO (M), Botanical Sculpture, a Pr Max 80% OFF

Ready to fly: The Rainforest ZERO (M), Botanical Sculpture, a Pr Accessories\ => Keychains Lanyards\ => Zipper Charms Pauli Pinguin Charm Anhänger aus Murano Glas, handgefertigt, sü Cheapest Hot Sales Wholesale Ready to fly: The Rainforest ZERO (M), Botanical Sculpture, a Pr Max 80% OFF you can search our entire product catalogue from the comfort of your chair at home and order at the click of a button – we'll even deliver straight to your front door or your place of work. Shipping was very fast. The trailer was very nice and personally packaged. In real life, the little ghost looks even more beautiful. I was very happy and now wear it as a pendant on a chain. I was also happy about the little addition. Thank you!A real eye-catcher on the wrist. Quality of the surfer bracelet is very good, lovingly made, the glass heart pearl has the typical Italia Flagg colors. Class!The delivery came quickly, in very safe packaging. Armand was in a matching jewelry bag. I ordered a bracelet right away. Clear recommendation!A cool large hole pearl in good quality, according to the picture, the colors also fall out. The small part lay in a jewelry bag, whose beads on the drawstring are selected exactly the same as the colors of the large hole pearl. The pearl fits on bracelets from brand manufacturers. The delivery arrived fast, safely packed. @vielen, thank you very much for the nice thank you card!!! Ciao and as always, a crystal clear recommendation!The bracelet with the glass heart is a great eye-catcher! The quality is impeccable, lay in a jewelry bag, whose pearls have exactly the same colors as the glass heart. The delivery arrived fast, well and safely packed. As always, gladly again! Pauli Pinguin...möchte mit Dir die Welt entdecken :) Süsser Charm Anhänger aus Murano Glas, ideal als kleiner Begleiter und Glücksbringer am Armband, Kette, Tasche,...Karabiner und Verbinder sind aus hochwertigem Edelstahl. Pauli wurde von mir mit viel Liebe über der Glasbläserlampe gefertigt.handgefertigt, ein schönes kleines winterliches Geschenk oder Mitbringsel, oder einfach nur für Dich! Material: Murano Glas, EdelstahlÜber der Glasbläserlampe hergestelltCa 11mm langCa 8 mm breitZustand: quot;Neu mit Etikettquot;.Alle meine Artikel werden mit Liebe von mir handgefertigt, jedes Stück ein Unikat.Kleine Abweichungen zu den Abbildungen sind daher möglich.Ketten und Accessoires nicht im Angebot inbegriffen Online Discounts Wholesale

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Cheapest Hot Sales Wholesale Ready to fly: The Rainforest ZERO (M), Botanical Sculpture, a Pr Max 80% OFF