Special sale item Blue Aventurine Natural Gemstone Point Pendulum Dowsing Crystal Sales Online Codes

Blue Aventurine Natural Gemstone Point Pendulum Dowsing Crystal
Blue Aventurine Natural Gemstone Point Pendulum Dowsing Crystal

Beautiful Gemstone Point Pendulum with chain and bead.
Length of pendulums is usually between 40mm-45mm.

Because the material is natural , the color of the Pendulum you#39;ll receive may be different from the picture showing.
As gemstone is a natural material each pendant has it#39;s own totally unique colouring and markings.

Natural Gemstone Point Pendulum
Alloy Chain
Silver Plated

Gemstone Point Pendulum Size approx: 40mm/1.6#39;#39;
Chain Length incl. bead : 165mm/6.5#39;#39;
Chain + Pendulum Length approx. : 210mm/8.5#39;#39;

1x Gemstone Pendulum

Hold the pendulum between your thumb and index finger with your elbow slightly bent at your side. Use the hand that feels most comfortable for you. Relax! It is important to let the natural vibrations of your own body move through your hand to the pendulum. The pendulum works like muscle-testing or kinesiology: your sub-conscious knows what you need to know. The pendulum will show you the answer by picking up and amplifying the subtle vibrations from your sub-conscious, causing the pendulum to swing! You can ask any question to get a YES or NO answer.

For many people, when the pendulum swings left and right this can be interpreted as a quot;NOquot;. If the pendulum swings to and fro, then this can be interpreted as a quot;YESquot;. If your pendulum swings elliptically, clock-wise, counter-clockwise, or in some other gyration or even stays rigidly still, you must interpret this as best you can. Here#39;s a hint:
Ask your pendulum something that is true:
quot;IS MY NAME .................. ? (insert your real name)
Note what the response is. This will give you a quot;YESquot;.

Now ask your pendulum something that you know is not true:
quot;IS MY NAME BARNEY?quot;
Note what the response is. This will give you a quot;NOquot;.

The pendulum can provide a good second opinion. It uses your own energy and as such should not be touched by others who may impart their vibrations into the pendulum and thereby reduce its reliability. Keep the pendulum with you as much as possible during the first 3 weeks to have it absorb your own energies. Ask the pendulum simple questions that will help build your trust in the answers. Asking questions that you all ready know the answers to will end up in your own frustration. The pendulum will learn to resonate with you, within your own energy field. Cleanse pendulum in moonlight this is safest way, do not cleanse this pendulums in salty water.

Some people get better results holding the pendulum about 1quot; above the open palm of their opposite hand. This quot;opensquot; your energy circuits and creates a bio-feedback loop and the energy will flow more freely. If your pendulum doesn#39;t move very well for you, try opening and closing your hands a few times to activate the hand energy centres (The Hand Chakras). Also empty your mind of doubts and preconceptions about the outcome of your question. It is important to have a clear mind so the answer doesn#39;t get all muddled up by your own thoughts.
quot;Clearquot; the energy from pendulum after each question by simply lowering the tip for a moment to your hand or other surface. This signals that your question has been answered and you are ready for the next question. Use this technique frequently, especially if your answers seem confusing.

Your pendulum will answer any question with either a quot;yesquot; or quot;noquot;, so it is important to structure your question properly. Example: quot;Will I get a new job?quot;, is a good question. The answer can be either quot;yesquot;, or quot;noquot;. An example of a poor question is: quot;Should I stay at this job or leave ?quot;. This question does not give the choice for the answer to be either yes or no. Ask either: quot;Should I stay at this job?quot;, or quot;Should I leave this job?quot; to get a clear answer.

You can hold your pendulum over any object to determine a range of answers. For example, hold the pendulum over food to determine if it is suitable for you (or others) to eat. Pick out the best tasting apple at the grocers next time by holding your pendulum over each apple until you get a quot;yesquot;. Don#39;t mind other people staring at you, they#39;ll just have to get used to so many people using pendulums in public!

When you have a number of choices to select from, use a list or a chart. Draw a circle or a semi-circle with a radius of about 4quot; - 6quot;. Mark the choices off as degrees on the circle. Hold the pendulum in the center and the swing of the pendulum will line-up with the appropriate marked off selection. This technique can be used to select vitamin supplements, herbal teas, colours in the aura, healing stones to wear...

If you need to determine a date to do something, use your pendulum over a calendar. Hold the pendulum over each date of the month, waiting until the pendulum registers an answer. As you become proficient with the pendulum, your answers will become almost instant.*


Rely on your own best judgment and seek the best possible professional and medical advice you can find.


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Special sale item Blue Aventurine Natural Gemstone Point Pendulum Dowsing Crystal Sales Online Codes

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Special sale item Blue Aventurine Natural Gemstone Point Pendulum Dowsing Crystal Sales Online Codes

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Special sale item Blue Aventurine Natural Gemstone Point Pendulum Dowsing Crystal Sales Online Codes

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Special sale item Blue Aventurine Natural Gemstone Point Pendulum Dowsing Crystal Sales Online Codes