Max 67% OFF Chocolate brownie ears Max 59% OFF

Chocolate brownie ears
Chocolate brownie ears

Realistic brown car ears for any occasion!
These ears can match most types of dark hair as they have different shades of brown on them!
Wear them in your everyday life or for parties :3
Ears are fully wired and posable, bows are removable.


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Max 67% OFF Chocolate brownie ears Max 59% OFF

Online Sales Craft Supplies Tools\ => Canvas Surfaces\ => Printing Plates Canvas Artwork Print Abstract Gold you can depend on us for news, commentary, analysis, features, faqs, advice, hands-on reviews, buying guides, amazing photography and fun and informative videos. Since there are several very expressive horse glass paintings in the Marachowska Art Etsy shop, it was hard to choose which to order! I'm so glad I got this one! It reminds me of the old tradition of the Spanish Riding School of my native city Vienna! I admire the artist's ability to capture complex movements with just a few strokes! I look forward to purchasing more of these little art works!When I saw this newly uploaded monkey glass painting I immediately knew that I wanted to add it to my MARACHOWSKA ART wildlife collection! It matches so well with my previous purchases and evokes the atmosphere of classic adventure stories!It was love at first sight with this cute kitten! I'm so glad about my purchase! The object-like character of the glass painting gives the feeling of holding a small pet in my hand: It appears very much alive and brings a lot of joy into my life!I love this little painting Chocolate brownie ears Max 67% OFF Chocolate brownie ears Max 59% OFF Canvas Artwork Print Abstract GoldCANVAS PRINT WITH OAK OPTIC FRAME (Museum Quality) OF ORIGINAL ACRYL GLASS PAINTING quot;SQUARES MANquot; BY MARIA MARACHOWSKA MARACHOWSKA ART represents the highly professional, innovative and captivating art works of Siberian born, Berlin based artist Maria Marachowska. Through her exhibitions and varied range of creative activities, she has gained numerous art collectors of her original paintings, glass paintings and drawings both in Germany and abroad. However, there is also the opportunity to purchase high quality reproductions (art prints, posters, t-shirts etc.) of her works or to order commissioned artworks.For Maria Marachowska painting represents an act of liberation, when she immerses into the element of art, the empty canvas or a sheet of paper means infinity to her. In her artistic expression, she knows no boundaries, the painter’s brush in her hand seems to take on a life of its own, becomes the key to an intensely personal, mysterious world. When she paints, she draws from the strength of her rich memories and her experience of life, quite remarkable for an artist as young as herself and capable of touching us just through their truthfulness and authenticity.In her works, her experiences are transformed into pure energy and emotions which are transmitted to the spectator, it is impossible to withdraw from the deep attraction of her images, they virtually absorb through their oscillating, often almost hallucinatory colours and their suggestive shapes. It is her artistic credo not to adjust whatsoever to anything that has existed, she cannot be assigned to any existing art style, her works speak of universal forces, far beyond any conventions. Inspiration comes from within herself, from her innermost feelings, her joys and pains which she transfers into her visionary image compositions, as if to relieve of an oppressive burden – creation is a basic need to her, inseparably linked with her life.The process of her artistic work is only comparable to a natural phenomenon: the wave effect and extension, caused by a pebble that touches the water surface and spins apparently infinite circles, one arises from the other, a constant development and renovation, generating always new, innovative art works and image series. Maria Marachowska’s art is cosmic, seems to be connected to the stars, abstraction opens new dimensions of perception, something sacred and sublime is inherent to her oeuvre, radiates a healing powerThe apocalyptic air, penetrating to the surface in many of her paintings, gives no reason to anguish or grief, but announces a new world in which the Fantastic has defeated cold rationality, through the awakening of an all-embracing cosmos, she gives reason to hope, her images give us a hint of a lost world before the beginning of time, to which there is no more access in normal life.Having discovered the special art of glass painting for herself through a commissioned work for one of her collectors in 2011, Maria Marachowska has made this technique her own and developed it to perfection. The way she transfers her unique painting style from paper and canvas to transparency blasts the boundaries of traditional material properties, conveying the impression of alchemic power. A medium more commonly associated with ecclesial context or art-deco inspired design, glass painting has been transformed into a totally new art form in Maria Marachowska#39;s recent works. Whereas in Tiffany objects, metal is used as separating element, she generates the same effect through the delicate application of relief paste, an enticing allusion to the assumed characteristics of stained glass art. Text: Iris WeirichSHOP: PAINTING:

Max 67% OFF Chocolate brownie ears Max 59% OFF

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Max 67% OFF Chocolate brownie ears Max 59% OFF

Sandalwood 8mm Pack of 54 Beads- Pure Natural Untreated Sandalwo These beads are just beautiful! The quality is top notch, and they smell amazing! Thank you so much! Will be back for more for sure!!Excellent quality products. Friendly and expert service. I loved the fast delivery time! I will shop here again and I will recommend it to others too! Thank you! - A satisfied and happy customer.Wow love these beads. Smell AMAZING and it definitely feels natural. Definitely going to order more.Ordered 3 strands and received one lovely Mala and one strand. Love them! Only needed them as beads, but now I have to order more because I can't bring myself to cut the Mala. Chocolate brownie ears Max 67% OFF Chocolate brownie ears Max 59% OFF These are very beautiful pure natural polished and untreated sandalwood beads. All beads are hand made which means all of them will vary in size. Can have beads be up to .6 mm over or under the size. They have that perfect strong fragrant smell from the outdoors and a light fragrant added. These beads will look great with any type of jewelry you may be working on. The beads can be slightly different colors do to nature and the trees life cycle.The sandalwood is not always a perfect circle but pretty close. Please know that when ordering 2 Packs (54x2=108 beads) ,instead of the 2 packs we will send you 1 full mala that has the same amount of beads (108 beads).Made In = IndiaBead Size = 8 mmBead Type = SandalwoodShape = Round, Sphere, NutColor = WoodHole Size = 1.2 -1.5mm1 Pack = 54 Beads. They are the equivalent of 1 strandThank you for looking at our listings.Need more?We import very often, and sometimes have more in stock that is stated online. Kindly message us for more information. We can also do bulk orders for people. Kindly message for more information. we’ve grown every year since entering the online market in 2000 and we don’t intend to stop. Craft Supplies Tools\ => Beads, Gems Cabochons\ => Beads Ranking TOP15

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Max 67% OFF Chocolate brownie ears Max 59% OFF