Houston Mall Bee Stitch Markers, stitch markers for knitting, stitch markers Max 71% OFF

Bee Stitch Markers, stitch markers for knitting, stitch markers
Bee Stitch Markers, stitch markers for knitting, stitch markers

Lovely set of 5 bee stitch markers. These progress keepers are the perfect stitch marker set for every knitter or crocheter. Great as a knitting gift or present for a birthday, Mother#39;s Day, Father#39;s Day, Valentines Day or at Christmas. A lovely gift idea for beginners as part of their knitting or crocheting accessories set or for the experienced knitter or crocheter. Available with small or large rings for knitting and leverback clasps or lobster clasps for knitting and crochet.

Stitch markers can also be bought separately if you would like to make your own pick #39;n#39; mix set.

Bee charms measure approx 10mm x 12mm excluding rings.

Fitting knitting needle sizes:

Small rings (perfect for lace and sock knitting) - up to 5.5mm (US 9)
Large Rings - up to 8mm (US 11)
Leverbacks - up to 7mm (US 10.5)
Lobster clasp - up to 5mm (US 8).

Each set will be sent wrapped and in a lovely little white organza bag.

You can add a personalised box to keep your stitch markers in. Each premium clear plastic box measures approx 62mm x 72mm x 17mm and is a perfect size to fit in your project bag. The clear box means you can easily see which stitch markers you have in there. There is also plenty of room for other small accessories to be stored inside. The lid is attached and the closure is secure so won’t come apart in your bag.

You can add any name you like to your box. Please be very careful about spelling as I will copy exactly what you have put. Personalisation will be added with a gorgeous rainbow glittery vinyl.

Your box doesn#39;t have to be personalised and it will arrive as a clear box. Just leave the personalisation box blank.

You can purchase the personalised box on it#39;s own here https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/739845685/personalised-stitch-marker-box-knitting?ga_order=most_relevantga_search_type=allga_view_type=galleryga_search_query=personalised+stitch+markers+box


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Houston Mall Bee Stitch Markers, stitch markers for knitting, stitch markers Max 71% OFF

Cats-Monochrome-Cross stitch pattern-PDF instant download / Chat Superb creation like all other felines!A very nice embroidery to do with cross stitch! my therapeutic anti-stressBeautiful cross-stitch grid that I can't wait to start.Very fast delivery. I recommend this shopFast shipping AND very neat! Very nice quality of paper! Too pretty the little paper clip !! Anyway it's really perfect! Feel free to order!! Tombé sous le charme de ces petits matous avec cette grille quot; Chats miroir quot;, qui sera parfaite soit pour offrir ou pour mettre une touche de douceur à votre intérieur.Cette grille de point de croix compté comprend, la grille + les codes couleurs DMC et les instructions. Cette grille contient 1 couleur DMC au total que vous pouvez changer à votre guise selon vos envies, la dimension du dessin est de 233 x 242 points soit : ( 33,28 cm x 34,57 cm ) si vous brodez sur une toile aïda de 7 points/cm.- Pour une toile de 5,5 points/cm les dimensions du dessin seront de : 42,36 cm x 44 cmPour les toiles de lin ou étamine 11,12,14,16,18,22 fils etc..... Le calcul est le suivant : si vous prenez deux fils de trame pour faire une croix vous devez diviser par deux le style de toile choisi.Exemple: lin 12 fils que je brode sur deux fils de trame cela me fera faire 6 croix au centimètre. Une fois que vous connaissez le nombres de croix au cm prenez les dimensions de votre dessin une par une et les diviser par le nombre de croix au cm.Exemple: Dimension du dessin 124 x 210 points. 124 diviser par 6 pour une toile de 6 points au cm et également 210 que vous allez diviser par 6 ce qui est égal à : 20,66 cm x 35,00 cm. Votre dessin fera 20,66 cm x 35,00 cm. N#39;oubliez pas de rajouter 5 à 7 cm de chaque côté afin de pouvoir l#39;encadrer.Fichier PDF en téléchargement instantané ( Français et Anglais ). you can depend on us for news, commentary, analysis, features, faqs, advice, hands-on reviews, buying guides, amazing photography and fun and informative videos. Craft Supplies Tools\ => Patterns How To\ => Kits Selling rankings Bee Stitch Markers, stitch markers for knitting, stitch markers Houston Mall Bee Stitch Markers, stitch markers for knitting, stitch markers Max 71% OFF

Houston Mall Bee Stitch Markers, stitch markers for knitting, stitch markers Max 71% OFF

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Houston Mall Bee Stitch Markers, stitch markers for knitting, stitch markers Max 71% OFF

♥ To save for later, click the heart at the top of the image ♥:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:PLEASE CHOOSE MATERIAL:★ 100% Solid 925 Sterling Silver ★ (nickel free) OR★ 100% Solid 935 Argentium Sterling Silver ★ (nickel free):۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:For more of my designs look at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AlfalfaSprout:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:❤️ ? ✌? ? ♻️ I use ECO-FRIENDLY packaging for my orders. Domestic orders are sent in 100% RECYCLED bubble envelopes. Domestic orders have a tracking number and are typically received 2-5 business days (M-F) after they are shipped. International orders are sent in simple paper envelopes. They typically take 1-3 weeks depending on your location. ❤️ ?✌? ? ♻️:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:★ STERLING SILVER CARE ★:Sterling silver is an alloy made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper (or another metal). These metals are added to make the silver more durable and less soft than pure silver (pure silver is too soft to be used as practical jewelry). 

CARE:These additional metals make the silver more prone to tarnishing. Tarnishing is a natural process that cannot be prevented, but in nearly all cases it can be brought back to its original shine with cleaning. You will still need to clean the tarnished layer at some point with silver polish or a homemade silver cleaner (many options by googling). I recommend cleaning your jewelry at least once a week.WHY: Tarnish on sterling silver is due to contact with sulphur compounds; the main cause being traces of hydrogen sulfide gas in the air. This gas is present in smoke from oil; rubber bands, latex; and in some foods lingering in the air such as eggs, onions, shellfish, kale, broccoli and more. In rare cases the basic body chemistry of some people can react with the alloys and cause tarnishing. Sterling silver can also corrode readily on the skin if enough salt is present (ocean water, excessive sweat) Chlorine and make-up can cause also cause quick blackening of sterling silver. To prevent this, cosmetics/ sunscreen which contain zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, ferric oxide, and calamine should be avoided. *** Because the nose contains moisture tarnishing may be advanced for nose rings. **** Since I make all of my jewelry by hand there may be slight differences between your item and the photo used above (different monitor screens can make the color of the item vary between screens). :۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:? I am able to do DOMESTIC size exchanges for a fee of 30% of your purchase price (of the items you want exchanged) plus a shipping fee (.50 for order to be sent as a parcel with tracking). The 30% fee is necessary because I am not able to reuse jewelry that is sent back, for sanitary reasons.I do not authorize anyone to use these designs/ images/ or any part of my work and claim it as their own. Jewelry\ => Body Jewelry\ => Toe Rings Houston Mall Bee Stitch Markers, stitch markers for knitting, stitch markers Max 71% OFF Bee Stitch Markers, stitch markers for knitting, stitch markers Seattle Mall Adjustable Toe Ring, Boho Toe Jewelry, Dainty Silver Toe Ring, H unlike our competitors, we want to hear from you!

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Houston Mall Bee Stitch Markers, stitch markers for knitting, stitch markers Max 71% OFF